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The library has something for everyone.

  • nearly 30,000 books for adults/teens (including more than 1,500 large print titles and more than 1,200 inspirational fiction titles)

  • more than 16,000 books for children

  • more than 4,000 dvd titles (including nearly 500 titles for children)

  • more than 500 audio books on CD

  • the library currently subscribes to more than 35 magazines and newspapers and houses a collection of more than 1,600 magazine back issues



The library provides access to ebooks, audiobooks and digital magazines through OverDrive.  The OverDrive website/Libby app contains to more than 197,000 ebooks titles, 56,000 audiobooks titles and 5,000 magazines issues.  For more information about how to access OverDrive materials, please ask at the adult circulation desk. 



The public may make copies at the library.  Letter size (8 1/2 x 11) copies cost 15 cents per page for black and white copies and 30 cents per page for color copies.  A complete schedule of copying fees is posted near the copier. Library staff is available to help those who have questions about the copier.  



Library staff can send faxes for the public. The charge is $2 for the first page and 50 cents for each additional page for faxes sent within the United States. International faxes cost $4 for the first page and $1 for each additional page.



The library can laminate small items up to 8 ½” X 14” in size.

Card size (2 5/16” X 3 ¼”)      50 cents

½ letter size (5 1/2” X 8 ½”)    $1

Letter size (8 ½” X 11”)           $2

Legal size (8 1/2” X 14”)         $2.50


Document Binding

Documents can be bound using plastic combs. The cost for binding depends on the size of the document to be bound.

Documents requiring a comb of 1” or less      $3

Documents requiring a comb larger then 1”   $5


Computer/Internet Access

Computers are available at the library for word processing and Internet access. All users are required to abide by the library's Internet Usage Policy. Internet users between the ages of 12 and 17 must have parental permission on file. Internet users under the age of 12 must use the computers in the Children's Department and must have a parent with them while they use the Internet. Patrons must leave their library card at the circulation desk while using the computers. Guests may use the computers by leaving some other form of ID at the desk.

For complete rules regarding computer use at the library please consult a copy of the library's Internet Usage Policy which is available at the circulation desk.

Printouts from the library's public access computers are 15 cents each for black and 30 cents each for color.


Wireless Internet Access

The library provides free and open wireless Internet access to the public. Wireless users are also subject to the rules set forth in the library's Internet Usage Policy.


Book Discussion Group -- currently on hiatus

The library conducts a book discussion group every other month on the second Thursday of the month beginning in January of each year. Titles are chosen by the members of the group a few months in advance of each discussion. Everyone is welcome to attend the discussion. For additional information, please contact the library.

Winchester Community Library

Internet and Public Computer Use Policy

The Winchester Community Library offers access to the Internet as part of its mission as an information center linking people of all backgrounds and levels of ability to books and other resources for lifelong learning, discovery and enjoyment.

The library has no control over the resources on the Internet and is not responsible for the content of materials on the Internet. Patrons are responsible for the information they encounter. Parents or legal guardians of minor children are responsible for their children's use of the Internet and are encouraged to supervise their child's Internet use at the library.

In compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the library utilizes filtering software designed to prevent access to materials that could be harmful to minors. However, filter software is not foolproof. While it diminishes the likelihood that users will encounter offensive content, it does not eliminate that possibility. Filtering software may also block sites that users would find inoffensive and useful. In accordance with the law, users age 18 or older may request to have the filter disabled for any purpose that does otherwise not violate this policy. The library will not be responsible for financial obligations to patrons resulting from library-provided electronic access. Also, the Library assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, actual or consequential, arising from the use of its Internet service or computers.

Children under 12 years of age may only use the computers in the Children's Department. Patrons age 12 and over will use the computers in the Adult Department. Computer use will be limited to 30 minutes per patron on a first-come first-served basis if all public computers are being used and other patrons are waiting.

The following guidelines outline the library's definition of acceptable Internet use.

  1. Users must sign in at the circulation desk before using the library's Internet computers.

  2. Patrons using their own devices and the library's Wi-Fi access must comply with the same rules regarding Internet usage as those who use the library's computers.

  3. Access to the Internet via the library's resources (whether via a wired connection or Wi-Fi), implies agreement with this policy.

  4. Users must refrain from inappropriate Internet conduct. Examples of which include (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Use of the Internet to violate any local, state or federal law.

    • Use of the Internet to send, receive or display materials that is obscene, subversive, offensive or illegal.

    • Any use which damages or alters computer equipment, systems or software.

The Privacy and/or safety of electronic transmissions cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, since patron computers are located in public spaces of the library, what is displayed on the screen may be seen by others. If a patron chooses to bring in her/her own computer or other wireless device for use in the library, the library is not responsible for damage or corruption to that computer, device, software or data. A patron's use of the library's wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) is at their own risk. Privacy is not guaranteed on a Wi-Fi network.

Library staff has the sole authority for determining if patron behavior is inappropriate. Failure to follow any of the provisions of this policy shall result in the loss of a patron's Internet privileges.

Adopted by the Winchester Community Library Board of Trustees on 12/13/23